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Hello my name is Dan Pillera my wife Stacy and I are the founders of Olympus Salsa. Our story begins like many other food entrepreneurs, but has some twists and turns along the way.

Our neighbor planted a massive garden every year. He would plant more than anyone could possibly use and then tell us to take as much as we wanted.   I had a restaurant background and started to think of ways to use the tomatoes. The first thing we tried was marinara and it was a little disappointing.  Then we decided to try salsa.  Since our family was huge consumers of salsa it made sense to try to make some salsa for ourselves.   From day one the family was hooked.

“Request for more salsa were pouring in”

The next year our family started our own garden with several different types of tomatoes, peppers, and onions. When all was said and done we had more salsa than we could eat in a year.   So we began to give it away.  The responses were always amazing, and people began to ask if they could get more.  I began to give salsa to my colleagues, and the responses again were just as awesome.  Just one taste and people started suggesting that we sell it on the market.  Requests for more salsa were pouring in from friends, family, and co-workers; however we never took it too seriously.

“I was laid off from the company I thought I would retire from”

After the economy took a big hit in 2008 I was laid off from the company I had always thought I would retire from. The following 4 years had me working in five different locations for three different companies.  In January of 2014 I was laid off once again.  Devastated and extremely frustrated, I sat down at my computer and began to search for jobs one more time.  After a few exhausting weeks of searching and searching, my beautiful wife Stacy suggested that we should produce our salsa for retail sales.

That night my family and I were watching a movie “Percy Jackson” that was based largely on Greek Mythology. The next evening I couldn’t sleep, so I stayed up watching “Wrath of the Titans” another movie based on Greek Mythology.  The following morning I had the idea to use the Greek gods as inspiration for our flavors of salsa.  The Greek gods of course lived on Mt. Olympus thus our company name “Olympus Fare” was born.

I began to do the research on how to create a food company. Over the next two weeks, while caring for our three children,  I began to make steady headway towards starting our company.  The process was moving slowly, and I began to realized that if I was going to do this I would need help.  I turned to the one person I knew could best help get the company running, my wife Stacy.  After a short conversation between the two of us we made the decision for Stacy to resign from her lucrative position.  We hit the ground running and together formed the perfect team.  I began to work on more specific recipes and branding ideas while Stacy began to work on the legislative items needed to create a food business and her specialty, Sales.  Things began to progress quickly from there and on February 10th 2014 Olympus Fare was up and running.

Three years later we have won 24 national awards out of Texas, New Mexico and New York and can be found in over 40 stores in southeast Michigan.

“On February 10th, 2014 Olympus Fare was up and running”